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5 Best Forex Trading Platforms Online Today

People often talk about the comfort and usefulness of various Forex trading platforms. Some programs are pretty popular while others are not. The team of JustForex  kindly provided this article about the criteria to know while choosing among the best Forex trading platforms.

How Should Best Forex Trading Platforms Look Like

  • Quick and efficient – Every second is important for scalpers and day traders.
  • Functional – Look at indicators, charts, timeframes, and other instruments. They are also important for short-term, long-term, and swing traders (mid-term).
  • Intuitively easy – A user-friendly interface also can influence your work. You should have a direct access to each feature.
  • Secure – Your data should be highly protected as well as your trading funds. Keep in mind that security depends on both trading platform and broker.
  • Mobile – A Forex platform should work with different systems and devices.

We have collected the best Forex trading platforms that are popular among pro traders. They fit all the points noted above and would be the best 5 choices for Forex trading.

5. Mirror Trader

Mirror Trader by Tradency works like a platform of social trading, as its name suggests. This platform works similarly to the next one and can compares to PAMM account. People can trade fully automatically, semi-automatically and manually here.

4. Zulu Trade

Zulu Trade has been developed by the Zulutrade company. People call this system a provider of free signals around the world. Its community consists of nearly 1200 traders who share their signals. But their effectiveness is different. That’s why the Zulutrade Alchemy service offers new subscribers all-inclusive analysis to make their choice more easy and correct.

3. Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader is a platform developed by the self-titled company. It has full functionality and allows trading of currencies, forwards, futures, options, and even stocks. It has a set of means for market analytics, different features for manual and automated trading, and many other pleasant benefits. Its main advantages are strong security and high efficiency. There are also two versions of NT, Lite (free) and Pro (paid).

2. MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 or MT5 is an improved version of the 4-th one. MetaQuotes aimed for creating a full platform with the complete set of trading opportunities. It allows trading futures, CFDs, options in just one account. As for analytical instruments, it has 79 features for performing the technical and fundamental analysis. There is a chance to work with 21 timeframes, level II, alert system, etc. Moreover, MT5 is even quicker than its “older brother” MT4.

1. MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 takes the 1st place as the best Forex trading platform for retail trading. The majority of traders use it for their everyday work. It is software developed and released by MetaQuotes Software Corp. This program allows both manual and automated trading. It is widely used since its release in 2005 thanks to its productivity. MT4 offers a perfect security, many analytical opportunities and automated trading (plus programming).

So, these were the most popular and effective Forex platforms for traders. But you are free to decide which software suits you the most. We advise you to test different platforms before making a final choice. Choose the one and earn money with comfort.

We wish you success and high profits!

Forex vs Binary Options Trading

Forex or binary options? – that is the question. Every trader or investor has come across this question at least one in a life time. If you are a newcomer in trading, you can always ask somebody, who have already been there. However, if you have already tried trading either Forex or binary options and you failed, you are probably now wondering if the other alternative is the better one for you. The important thing is that we are here to help by comparing Forex vs binary options trading.

What is Better – Forex or Binary Options?

Yes, we are here to help you decide which type of trading would be helpful and suitable for you.  Both Forex and binary options have their pros and cons. But the first thing that comes to mind when we collate Forex versus binary options trading is the time of origin. While Forex trading has a very deep and sustainable history, binary options came into existence in 2008. Binary options now have a relatively small background and hence a great chance for growth.

Here we will discuss the reasons to choose Forex trading or binary options, according to their pros and cons.

Why Choose Forex instead of Binary Options

Forex Trading vs Binary Options

  1. The Forex trading offers a huge rate of liquidity. It helps investors to get rid of any swift fluctuations in the exchange rates.
  2. Traders have an opportunity to make a great profit by determining currency values.
  3. The Forex trading market is open throughout the day, so time period is not an issue.
  4. Investors get equal access to trade in a rising or falling market, according to their preference.
  5. Its best part of Forex trading vs binary options is that traders have full control over their investment.
  6. Forex trading fits better for experienced investors who know the market value and want to invest in larger sums. If you consider investing in currency, then here are the main Forex pros you need to know about.

Why Choose Binary Options instead of Forex

Call and Put Binary Options versus Forex Trading

  1. Binary options allow you to choose a wide range of assets like currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.
  2. Binary options are a new trading Thus, chances of winning remain higher.
  3. Another great advantage of Binary options versus Forex trading is that new service providers evolve daily, giving their services at lower price to attract customers.
  4. Trading binary options is relatively easy to understand and execute as you just have to predict whether the price of an asset will go up or down.
  5. The payout is fixed, so you always know what reward you are going to get if your prediction is correct.
  6. Binary options give you the authority to decide when you want to close your position. The trade expiration time is also decided by the trader.
  7. Some free trading software is available to assist binary options traders in their trading journey. You should select your binary options software based on reputation, customer reviews, shown at websites like Judge Binary Optionsand many others.


You must have got a pretty clear view which is the better trading technique for you to choose. Both binary options and Forex trading have their pros and cons, so it completely depends on you to determine which one suit you best. Like any other investment, education is the key to success, thus making a right plan, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and putting 100% effort is important to be in the best position to succeed.

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7 Essential Ways How to Learn to Trade the Stock Market

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced stock trader, you always need to stay well informed about the stock market. When you are already “in the game” it is usually easy to find sources to keep up with the stock trends, developing your skills. But what about newbie traders? How to start? Fortunately, today you have the chance to learn how to trade stocks. You wanna learn to trade the stock market? This material will show you 7 essential ways how to learn stocks investing.

Here are 7 essential ways to help you learn to trade stocks, including trading market facts, strategies and examples and in the end – how to be a good stock trader:

Register on an Online Stock Trading Platform

Learn How to Trade Stocks on a Platform

Find a good online stock trading platform and apply for an account. Since most of them have a free demo trial at the beginning, this is really a good way to become familiarized with the niche and ‘’feel the trading’’.  Best platform will provide you immediately with basic educational videos, tutorials and other manuals to learn to trade the stock market.

One tip: In order to hedge Forex risk from currency exchange, always go for a local online trading platform that will allow you to trade in your local currency.

Learn Stock Trading from the Books

Learn Stock Trading from the Books

Even though nowadays everything is available online, books still provide valuable information to learn stock trading that cannot be compared to blogs, forums or DVDs sold on the web. Learn stocks investing from the most famous authors and most popular books, especially for beginners.

One tip: Use the above mentioned blogs and forums to find the best books to learn how to trade stocks and places to purchase them.

Learn to Trade Stocks from the Best

Learn to Trade Stocks from the Best

Get informed who are the most successful stock investors and try to figure out their way of thinking, their strategies and tips. How? Well, like mentioned above – read, read, read…

One tip: Check out Benjamin GrahamJesse LivermorePeter LynchWarren Buffett and examine their stock market approach in order to learn to trade stocks.

Learn Stocks Investing from Classes and Seminars

Learn Stocks Investing from Classes and Seminars

Even when everything to learn stocks investing is available online, attending real seminars and courses is a great way to meet people that have similar doubts like you, to exchange advice and tips etc. Since most of the seminars focus on a specific aspect, choose one suitable for beginners.

One tip: If you can’t attend a “real’’ seminar, online classes to learn stock trading and webinars can also be a useful replacement.

Learn to Trade the Stock Market by Buying Your First Stock

You don’t need to make huge investments, but a couple of shares will certainly help you to ‘’get the feeling’’….and who knows you might earn money from your first stock investment!

One tip: Check out virtual stock trading simulators if you can’t invest genuine money at the moment.

Learn How to Trade Stocks from Paid Subscriptions

You might think that investing in pre-education is a waste of money, but you should think twice when it is about to learn how to trade stocks! Paying for stock analysis and deep research is more than useful. Free shares reports and articles are good but paid ones will provide you with even better information.

One tip: Before paying, make sure the website or blog you are subscribing to is relevant!

Read, Read, Read…

Back to the beginning: Learn stocks investing by reading. Follow the most popular blogs in the niche, read daily websites like Investopedia and try to find as many articles as possible about the issue that interests you.

One tip: Don’t underestimate guest blogs, less popular websites and new bloggers. The information might be priceless even though they are not written by ‘’famous’’ authors. If you really want to learn to trade the stock market you should know that the more information you acquire the better your stock trading preparation will be!

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