Forex Social Trading Network at Sir Forex

Forex Social Trading Network at Sir Forex

What’s the Forex Social Trading Network

Sir Forex is the new Forex social trading network for Forex traders. Our traders network unite people from all over the world into a Forex Community. The social trading platform is 100% free and could be used by any trader who is willing to bring Social Forex to the next level. Sign Up to the Forex Social Network at Sir Forex and get your personal Forex Profile now!

Get Your Fx Account

When you register at our social trading platform, you are able to personalize your Forex Profile as in any other social network. You will be able to set a profile picture, a cover image, or to write a bio about yourself.

Social Network for Traders

You could also browse the Forex Activity Feed, Like, Comment, and Share other traders’ posts! Sir Forex takes the responsibility to notify you about activity related to your Forex Social Profile.

Write Your Finance Guest Post

If you are looking for a place to submit your finance related Guest Post, Sir Forex is the right place for you. Our guest blogging solution allows traders to submit unique finance content to our website for free. Every finance guest blogger is welcome to leave his contact info and a link to his website. These will be added to his article. If your post gets approved, it will be featured in the home page of our social trading network at

If you register at Sir Forex, you will be able to publish content right from your profile. This way your article will be personalized as shown on the image below:

Guest Blogging at Sir Forex
If you publish from your profile, your name will appear on the article!

When you get your Sir Forex Profile, your guest posts will appear with your own user name.

Rich Set of Trader Tools for Forex

Sir Forex provides easy-to-use Forex resources to facilitate your trading sessions. Some of these are:

  • Different Markets Sections
  • Daily Forex News
  • Technical Analysis
  • Foreign Exchange Quotes
  • Live Currency Chart
  • Forex Clock
  • Economic Calendar
  • Earnings Calendar
  • Finance Calculators

The Fx tools are included in the sidebars of each Sir Forex page. This way, you will have a constant picture of the global financial markets.

If you want to join our social Forex forum or you want to start guest posting at Sir Forex, simply register, and do what you got to do!

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Forex Social Trading Network