International Commodity Prices Live Streaming

International Commodity Prices Live Streaming and Charts

Being aware of the commodity prices today is crucial for the successful investing in the sector. You should constantly follow the international commodity prices live if you want to succeed as a commodity trader. For this reason, we have prepared for you a commodity prices live streaming table with charts that will keep you up to date with the biggest movers on the raw material market. Below you will find commodity quotes of:

  • Crude Oil Prices per Barrel Today – Brent Crude Oil and West Texas Intermediate (WTI)
  • Natural Gas Prices per MMBTU (Million British Thermal Units)
  • Precious Metal Prices per Ounce – Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Price of Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans per Bushel

How to Use the International Commodity Prices Live Streaming Table?

  1. The live commodity rates table contains information about the 14 most active raw materials on the market.
  2. The tool consists of three columns and a live commodity price chart.
  3. The first column states the type of commodity. The second column gives the commodity rates in Dollars, and the third column gives the daily change in the commodity quotes expressed in Dollars and percentage.
  4. The live commodity price charts are located at the top of the indicator. Simply click on the row that interests you and the chart will automatically display the respective raw material.
  5. You can switch between the different time frames of your commodity charts by clicking the symbols at the top:
    • 1d = 1 day
    • 1m = 1 month
    • 3m = 3 months
    • 1y = 1 year
    • 5y = 5 years
  6. The “Y” axis on the chart (from the right) gives you the commodity exchange rate. The “X” axis displays the time.

Example: Let’s say you are interested in the Gold rates per ounce. Look at the fourth row that says “Gold” and check its current price in the second column. Then look at the third column to see the daily price and percentage change in the gold rates live. Interested in the Gold prices live chart? Simply click on that fourth row to visualize the real time Gold chart.

Tip of the day: If you are interested in the Gold rates per gram, simply take the current Gold price from the second column of the commodity rate live table and divide it by 28.3495. If you are interested in the Silver rate per gram today, simply do the same thing with the current Silver price. It works the same way with the Platinum price.

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Troubles with the Forex Commodity Rates Live Table?

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