Forex Market Now Currency Technical Analysis

Forex Market Now: Currency Technical Analysis

This page contains different tools regarding the Forex market now. Follow the latest currency technical analysis updates today and stay in touch with the latest Forex price action.

Live Forex Charts – This tool brings a detailed live Forex chart that could be switched between the different Forex quotes. You can use the real time trading chart to perform an adequate currency technical analysis and to build your Forex trading strategy.

Live Forex Rates – Follow the price change of the 50 most active Forex pairs on the market. Check out the exchange rate of each Forex quote in real time.

Forex Heat Map – Check where the Forex price action is coming from today. Here you will find a table that displays the activity of the trending quotes on the Forex market now.

Forex Volatility Table –  Find out which are the biggest daily movers on the Forex market to hunt for emerging trends. Maybe the mover today will be a mover tomorrow?

Forex Liquidity Chart – Discover the most liquid trading hours of the Forex market. Stick to the Forex liquidity chart to trade in the time with higher trading volume and lower spreads.

Forex Outlook Today – Check out the attitude of the other traders regarding the different Forex pairs. Are traders long or short? You can get an answer to this question by checking our Forex Outlook table.

Chart Pattern Sreener – This tool signalizes about real-time chart patterns on the different Forex charts. Hunt for different chart patterns and discover new trading opportunities on the Forex market.


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