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Forex Heat Map: Find the Biggest Movers in Forex Today

Below you will find a detailed Forex Heat Map showing you the biggest Forex movers today. Discover where is the Forex price action coming from among the 50 most active Forex pairs on the market!

How to Use the Forex Heat Map

  • Choose “Pips” or “Percent” to visualize the price changes in pips or percentage respectively.
  • The green color on the Forex Heatmap means that the price has increased with the respective pips/%.
  • The red color indicates that the price of the Forex pair has decreased with the respective pips/%.
  • Each of the values on the Forex Heat Map is an intersection point of a Forex pair (left side) and a specific chart time frame (top).
  • If you cannot find the Forex pair that interests you, press “CTRL + F” and type the respective Forex quote to search the Forex Heat Map

Tip of the day: The bigger the move of a Forex pair, the more volatile it is. Follow the Forex Heatmap regularly to discover Forex movers and to get trading ideas.

Troubles with the Forex Heatmap?

Having troubles understanding the Forex Heatmap? Ping us using our Contact page and ask your questions. We will be more than happy to help you with your query!

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