Live Forex Rates Streaming in Real Time

The Forex rates are the most dynamic indicator of the economic situation in a country. Below you will find a live Forex rates streaming in real time covering 50 of the most active Forex pairs on the market.

How to Use the Live FX Rates Free Indicator

  • The live Forex rates streaming ticker contains latest information about 50 Forex pairs.
  • The indicator table consists of 8 columns: Currency; Open; Low; High; Last; Change in Pips; Change in %; Daily Range.
  • If you cannot find the Forex pair that interests you, press “CTRL + F” and type the respective Forex quote to search the live Forex rates ticker.

Tip of the day: Forex pairs with higher daily range tend to be more volatile, which provides lucrative trading opportunities. Follow our free live Forex rates streaming indicator to discover volatile Forex pairs!

Troubles with the Forex Rates Live Indicator?

Having troubles understanding the Forex rates live free indicator? Ping us using our Contact page and ask your questions. We will be more than happy to help you with your query!

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