Forex outlook today and currency outlook

Forex Outlook Today and Other Traders View

It is important to know what is the other traders view about the Forex pairs. After all, trading is about going with the flow and not beating the market. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed Forex outlook table that contains 50 of the most active Forex pairs on the currency market. Check out the total long and  short Forex trades today and stay in touch with the overall currency outlook.

How to Use the Forex Outlook Table

  • The currency outlook indicator contains information about the long and the short trades by 50 of the most dynamic Forex pairs.
  • The Forex outlook table consists of 6 columns: symbol, community trend (long vs short), popularity of the Forex pair, average. short price, average long price, and current price.
  • The green color indicates the buyers. The red color indicates the sellers.
  • If the green is more than the red, this means that the Forex pair has more buyers than sellers.
  • Drag the mouse over the Forex pair that interests you to get detailed numbers about the buyers and the sellers, as well as the number of positions and total volume.
  • If you have hard time finding the Forex pair that interests you, press “CTRL + F” and type the respective Forex quote to search the Forex outlook table.

Tip of the day: Try sticking to the other traders view in order to catch major price trends.
Example: If the EUR USD outlook today shows that 75% of the people holding an EUR/USD position are buyers and 25% are sellers, then there is a big chance that the pair is trending in bullish direction.
Follow the currency market outlook to discover trending Forex pairs!

Troubles with the Currency Outlook Table?

Having troubles understanding the currency outlook? Ping us using our Contact page and ask your questions. We will be more than happy to help you with your query!

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