Forex Economic Calendar & Upcoming Economic Events Today

Forex Economic Calendar & Upcoming Economic Events Today

The economic calendar investing is one of the essential strategies in Forex. Investors constantly follow Forex calendar news to discover potential currency movers and long-term investing opportunities. This is why you should always be up to date with the economic events today. Don’t worry! We have one of the best Forex Economic Calendar indicators for you that summarizes the upcoming economic events today and throughout the week.

One of the Best Economic Calendar Forex Indicators

  1. The Sir Forex Economic Calendar shows an economic events timeline about the countries with leading currencies:
    • (EUR) The European Union
    • (USD)The United States of America
    • (JPY) Japan
    • (GBP) United Kingdom
    • (CHF) Switzerland
    • (AUD) Australia
    • (CAD) Canada
    • (NZD) New Zealand Dollar
    • (CNY) Chinese Yuan
  2. The Forex calendar economic events are lined up in chronological order.
  3. Each row on the economic events calendar represents various information factors about each economic indicator:
    • The Time of the Economic Event Release in Your Local Time
    • The Country that the Economic Event Comes From
    • The Importance of the Economic Release:
      • Yellow – Low Importance
      • Orange – Medium Importance
      • Red – High Importance
    • The Name of the Economic Event
    • Actual – the Value of the Current Release
    • Forecast – the Expected Release
    • Prior – the Previous Release of the Same Economic Indicator
  4. Scroll up and down through our Forex economic calendar indicator to see the past and the future economic events today.

Tip of the day: If the Forex calendar announces an economic event at a better than expected rate, this is likely to have a positive impact on the domestic currency. If the economic calendar FX indicator releases an event at a worse-than-expected rate, this is likely to have a negative impact on the domestic currency.

Example: If the United States announces better-than-expected (lower) Unemployment Rate, this will instantly boost the USD versus the other currencies, which creates tradable opportunities related to the United States Dollar.

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Troubles with the World Economic Calendar and the Economic Events?

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